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I’m an employer

In that case, we really hope you can help us.

Although you’ll not just be helping us. By providing us with your specialist advice and expertise, you’ll be helping develop the success of your sector by ensuring a highly knowledgeable and multi-skilled workforce of the future.

We’re looking for experienced practitioners who are able to provide specialist advice and proactively contribute to our development process for this qualification. This will be done in line with current industry standards, to reflect the skills required in the sector.

We’re specifically looking for employers that can provide catering expertise when it comes to one or more of the following food groups:

  • meat, poultry and game, including associated products 
  • fish and shellfish dishes and products 
  • vegetables, vegan and vegetarian dishes, including vegetarian protein sources and specific dietary considerations and needs 
  • dough and batter products, including fermented dough and batter products 
  • paste and patisserie products 
  • hot, cold, and frozen desserts 
  • biscuits, cakes, and sponges 

Therefore, if you’re interested in supporting us with the development of the qualification that will shape the future of Further Education in the catering sector, we’d love to hear from you.

Guidance is available from .gov here to help providers and employers to deliver high-quality industry placements.

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